Weaverville Criminal Defense Attorney Colleen Murray

Everyone has bad days. Everyone makes mistakes. But no one should have their future defined by their worst mistakes on their worst days. If you have been charged with a crime, you should know that a conviction can affect every aspect of your future: your freedom, your finances, your reputation, your relationships. Some convictions can affect your ability to work in certain jobs, live in certain areas, even to own a gun.

With so much at stake, you should never take any criminal charge lightly. Attorney Colleen Murray has spent years representing clients in criminal matters in Trinity County and knows the local courts inside and out. She has served as a prosecutor, and understands what defendants are up against.

Colleen is a skilled, creative negotiator and can often reach a favorable resolution for her clients without going to trial. If a trial does become necessary, Colleen has the experience to meet the challenge; she has handled dozens of criminal trials, most of them ending in her client’s favor.

Get the best defense possible—not the most costly one. To protect your future, contact Colleen Murray today.